Rails is a joy to work with; I love to build strong API-only backends that provide tidy data for a smart front-end to consume and display. I've integrated a Rails API build with GraphQL with no REST endpoints underneath, to spectacular effect. I've worked with Angular and React, and toyed with Redux a bit. I helped build and maintain a Node.js app that gave me an interesting perspective on using Javascript for object-oriented programming. I'm confident using Sass and can code in raw HTML and CSS should the need arise. Given the choice of database, I'd choose PostgreSQL, but I've worked extensively with MySQL. I also have experience maintaining legacy Rails & PHP apps.


I'm a devoted acolyte of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, and automated deploys. I evangelize a well-maintained CI deployment setup, where ops has better things to do than perform open heart surgery on every deploy. I've dockerized complicated Rails/React apps and created an open-source dockerized React Native app for developers to use as a template for spinning up new React Native apps in a containerized environment. Engineers should have autonomy and trust when deploying to their environments, so a straightforward deployment process with well-considered rollback plans is a must.


I co-founded a grassroots diversity initiative, Jellyvision Women in Tech. I helped to obtain funding for my coworkers to attend conferences for professional development, and I've acted as an ambassador in the tech community. I excel in leadership positions and mentor my fellow engineers. I live for pair programming and shared efforts. I work to establish and maintain transparency wherever I can. Cross-functional teams are essential for success, and I have spearheaded those efforts. I'm turning my focus to user-driven development and civic tech. I've initiated process improvement efforts on my team, in my department, and across the company in every position I've held.


Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer
The Mom Project | Apr 2018 - Present | Chicago, IL
Since starting at the Mom Project, I have streamlined essential engineering functions:
  • implemented a clear, iterative development process
  • rolled out a bug report/feature request process for staff
  • enacted a feature planning lifecycle based on user-focused product development
  • initiated department meetings for transparency in hiring and product milestone planning
I'm currently rearchitecting our existing application onto a more modern platform, using Rails 5, React, and PostgreSQL. As a part of this process, I:
  • dockerized the app for consistency of local development environments and simplification of deployment
  • integrated AWS Cognito with Rails to leverage a robust authentication system to safeguard user information
  • automated the testing and deployment process using CircleCI and Github
  • planned and oversaw the implementation of containerized deployment through ECS using CloudFormation
  • built a fully-featured REST API using Rails 5's API-only capabilities
I'm also redesigning the data model in order to streamline queries and data handling:
  • normalized data
  • shedded unnecessary data collection
  • offloaded some internal data processes to third-party proven services to simplify in-house data maintenance
Software Engineer
Jellyvision Lab, Inc. | Jul 2016 - Mar 2018 | Chicago, IL
  • built a greenfield Rails and React app that provided useful information about financial decisions to end users
  • maintained the internal app that configured huge swaths of data to ensure end users got accurate information about their benefits
  • added features to an internal portal that helped non-technical folks deploy conversations through continuous integration
  • drove the development of our GraphQL environment, which paid off for our product
  • shipped a gorgeous NodeJS app
  • added new functionality to our existing Rails powerhouse
  • tinkered with our Angular and React front-end experiences
  • maintained legacy apps using PHP & JS
  • spearheaded some internal diversity initiatives as a cofounder of the Women in Tech group
  • acted as company liaison and sponsor to a coding club for high school women
  • represented the company out in the community at various events, conferences and workshops
Software Engineer
The MIS Department, Inc. | Jul 2014 - Jul 2016 | Chicago, IL
  • built a strong API by writing clean code and harnessing Rails' MVC organizational structure
  • styled and manipulated 3rd party CMS systems using clever JS and jQuery
  • served small content needs by developing lightweight and elegant static sites
  • managed PHP-based CMS systems like Wordpress with clever use of version-controlled code and plugins
  • determined the best and most efficient software and project management solutions by communicating with my team to explore options based on our available work-hours and skillset
  • advised the strategic branch of the organization on ways to improve efficiency, develop long-term strategy, and clarify roles and responsibilities
  • assisted the Vice President of the company in successfully rolling out organizational and role changes to handle a shifting customer base and project load
Freelance Web Developer
Mar 2011 - Aug 2014 | Greater Chicago Area, IL
  • developing new sites in WordPress by hand-coding PHP and modifying available templates
  • advising clients on graphic design and branding
  • refactoring existing sites to allow for client content management by porting systems to WordPress



Ruby on Rails Link Slack

I'm an active contributor and administrator for the largest Ruby on Rails Slack team in the world.

Visit the community site

Jenkins API Client for Ruby

I've helped maintain this gem in my free time for a while.

Available on Github

Dockerized Create-React-Native-App

A dockerized version of create-react-native-app for developers to use to stand up a containerized environment quickly.

Available on Github

  • Jekyll
  • Hyde theme
  • Bitbucket
  • Wercker deployment
  • Staging environment at subdomain
  • S3
  • CloudFront

Conversion from a prior Wordpress site (which I maintained as well) to Jekyll static site deployment for faster development and deployment, security, and more flexibility. The site has been updated but an earlier version remains available via Amazon S3

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